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Destination Photos

kaya may media


Do these photos entice you?

Me too.
My 2019 goal is to see more of the world, and I'd rather not do it alone. With so many friends and family working 9-5 jobs with little to no flexibility or vacation time, I had this idea. Why not provide what someone needs while also exploring the world and making a new friend or two or three? Three birds with one stone at least.


What exactly would this entail?
You want to travel, and you want someone to document

it well. You can bring whoever you'd like with you and

I'll photograph them too. Your boyfriend, your fiancé, your amazing girl gang. I'll follow you around as much or as little as you'd like and get you the best photos of your life

at only the cost of travel expenses.

When can we start? 
For more details and availability, please send me an email and we will set up a time to chat either over coffee or the phone! I'm so excited to see some of the world with you. :)



photo examples by: Tezza, Amelia Edmondson, Indy Blue 



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